Mistress Catherine

Mistress Catherine
Mistress Catherine
Mistress Catherine
Mistress Catherine
Mistress Catherine
Mistress Catherine
Mistress Catherine
Mistress Catherine
Mistress Catherine

About me:

Couple from Dubai, Gulf
DUBAI FIRST VISIT Aug 27 through Sep 2 2018
Please note that session bookings can only be made, once the travel expenses for me and my slave girl (business class flights and 5 star hotel for the length of our stay) are covered. Sponsors will then be given priority regarding booking requests and a special discount. If no sponsors come forward, the trip will be cancelled.

I am a graceful beauty, half German half Italian brunette, a femme fatale all through.
My particularly attractive and seductive manner - equipped with magical demonic features - binds men erotically to me and lets them immerse into a world full of sensuality and passion - lascivious or distant, but always demanding and unpredictable. At the same time, I promise the seduced object a satisfaction of its deepest and dirtiest fantasies, just as I want it. You will be mesmerized by my strict and sensual personality, my ability to empower you, tease you, and humiliate you at will. I can have a sadistic side: I love inflicting pain in any form. Bringing you to your limits and beyond is always a fulfillment for me.

However, I always act in a safety-conscious, common-sense and consensual manner and stick to personal limits and taboos, which we define together in advance. The safety and avoidance of unwanted physical and psychological damage is above the satisfaction of pleasure. Your well-being is in my hands. With empathy I go into our session and live together with you your fantasy of being used and controlled by a beautiful and demanding lady.

For my personal pleasure I got myself slave girl Emilia – my young and pretty toy. Emilia does not leave her mistress' side when travelling and knows how to follow my instructions and serve me. Emilia is a classic Nordic beauty. She captivates through her delicate appearance, determined by a soft skin, her beautiful blond hair, her tall and slender body shape and her gorgeous ass ideal for a good spanking. The toy can be used as a slave to offer an exciting show to interested gentlemen, can be lifted into the assistance stand to help me with the education of a male lust object or can be used by me together with a dominant gentleman.

I love to cover my body with wonderful tight materials, be it nylon, latex, lingerie or leather. My favorite is latex, which is reflected in my very versatile and abundantly equipped latex wardrobe. If you're lucky, I'll wear an outfit of your choice to our date.

Sessions (Mistress & her slave girl)
1hour / 1500 Euros
2hours / 2250 Euros
3hours / 3000 Euros

Longer bookings on request.

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