Maya Sin

Maya Sin
Maya Sin
Maya Sin
Maya Sin

About me:

Female from Dubai, Gulf
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Tired of having to be on top of all your duties and making all the decisions? In need of a strong, beautiful and assertive woman to harness your unruly male desire? Do you take pleasure in the thought of serving and pleasing her? Will you go out of your way to do so and be proactive about it? Are you accomplished in your professional life, yet still looking for meaning? You have come to the right place.

I am Maya Sin, an ambitious and passionate Dominant Female of Indian and French blood. I am the proud co-founder of the Sin Sisters with Melisande Sin, the owner of the Sin Sisters Dungeon in Eastern Europe, where you can travel to for an extended stay or elaborate role-play scenario (starting from 24 hours up to several days). I have sessioned in Melbourne, London, Paris and New-York.

I practice BDSM in the strict sense of the term, meaning Bondage & Discipline, Domination & Submission and Sadism & Masochism. My kinks range from Power Exchange Games, Discipline & Behaviour modification, Foot Fetish, Humiliation ans Strap-on to Bondage & Immobilisation, Corporal Punishment and Chastity. I have an elegant wardrobe full of latex, classic suits, dresses and designer shoes and bags.

Taboo: Intimate contact, nudity, vulgar language, scat, anything unsafe or illegal.

Don’t miss me in Dubai 15 - 22nd Jan

Contact info:

Website: Phone:+48884959664
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