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  added by  Sa... for  Mistress Eva on 22 May 2024

Another stunning session of excruciating BDSM! One of Mistress Eva many strengths is her intuitive pacing, the way she develops a session. When things got too intense and truly unbearable she gave me time to recover and was kind to me. And then she pushed me to another level…

Her new trample board was insanely painful! She had to firmly adjust my bondage to keep me immobile, though I was trying hard to be brave. My balls stood no chance 

I’d had to request no marks this time. Mistress Eva obliged but didn’t let this hold her back! She knew just how to really hurt me without marking me.

So looking forward to next time!

  added by  md... for  Dominatrix Marta on 28 April 2024

Finally… Was a great session, thanks again. Mistress, you are a real elite Femdom star, I want to lie at your amazing feet forever. Looking forward to meet you very soon again

  added by  ni... for  Dominatrix Marta on 26 April 2024

Thank you mistress for the session was great I like the marks maybe next time try some in the back and the golden shower make me so weak and humiliated it’s new feeling like you really owned me.
Thank you again mistress

  added by  ja... for  Dominatrix Marta on 20 April 2024

This Lady is absolutely amazingly attentive and strict at the same time. My fav Mistress forever. jack

  added by  Da... for  Sultana Queen Aisha 6th - 20th / Dubai / Abu Dhabi / Bahrain on 20 April 2024

I had a privilege to be Her güzel oruspu… She, Her Higness Sultana Aisha, is unbelievably beautiful, dominating, and respectful at the same time. Her magnificent eyes make you want to obey Her, while her feet… will make you remember their taste until the end of your life.

She is just different. Powerful and gorgeous… the way she organises sessions is great and place is so clean.

You meet such mistress once in a lifetime.

Unbelievable ❤️ Thank You very much
The best

Sincerely yours
Güzel oruspu

  added by  RP... for  Dubai Mistress Arina on 03 March 2024

Extremely Sexy…Bessoted with her.

  added by  al... for  Madame Caramel on 03 March 2024

She is a great mistress and it was my first meeting with her and she has a very safe apartment, fully equipped . She is skilled , elegant and in total control. I hope to serve her again.

  added by  Ja... for  Mistress Dubai Matilde Dominatrix on 28 February 2024

What a stunningly beautiful woman! Incredible body too ( all natural ) and THE most beautiful eyes!
Speaks good English and has a lovely sense of humour. She is an experienced dominatrix and is into wrestling too if thats your thing, very good in footjob, her soft hands make you cum fast but only when she decides that is the right time. Loved my time spent with her, couldn’t have asked for anything more than this.

  added by  MJ... for  Dominatrix Marta on 13 February 2024

As I promised Lady, I humbly write a review. Every session with Lady Marta is different. I never cease to admire how this amazing Lady drives her slaves crazy. Breathtaking. Amazing. Not enough words. Thanks Mistress Marta

  added by  Lu... for  Mistress Dubai Matilde Dominatrix on 13 February 2024

She is the Godess, she is beautiful, charming and high level mistress. I had the chance to spend 3 hrs with her, unbelievable feet, crazy heels, I met her late morning, I was wearing a cock cage and plug, she immediately takes you at her feet so I lick and cleaned all, then she pegged me with the strap until i jerk (in the cage). I still can feel her power and she made me totally her sissy. Cant wait to meet you again.

  added by  M... for  Mistress Queenie on 13 February 2024

I was surprised that Mistress QUEENIE have respected me giving me the chance to express myself before we started and had a conversation. I had full trust of what she was doing but did not had any clue about all her next moves… she was not acting or performing everything was natural all the session was so deep, she made me look naive and at a certain point I Iived the moment that I was accepting everything she was doing to me since she made me to completely surrendered.
I am so impressed and would like to be trained again. My mouth was very dry and every time it was getting dry she was spitting on my face and mouth to hydrate me, overall WOW what can I say? Stunning and amazing by high class mistress. Super professional, knows what she’s doing and fully in control.

  added by  SS... for  Melisande Sin - RIYADH NOW on 13 February 2024

Whenever MIstress Melisande is in town I know that I’m privileged to have a fantastic session. A true professional that blends all of your interests and likes in a mind blowing package that will you in true blissful submission.

She knows exactly when to be sensual and when to let her sadism run wild. She is feminine but in great shape and her ink (tattoos) give her that edginess that you’re looking for. I highly recommend that you see her at the next opportunity, you will not be disappointed.

Finally, she sessions from a spotless and fully equipped facility with a shower and all the amenities that you might need. Can’t wait until the next session to be at the feet of this Goddess again.

  added by  ex... for  Dominatrix Marta on 13 February 2024

Welcome back our Best Mistress!
experienced slave

  added by  Es... for  Mistress Dubai Matilde Dominatrix on 13 February 2024

È stata un’esperienza immensa, fantastica, coinvolgente. Nessuna sa usare la frusta come lei e la adatta ai tuoi desideri. Nessuna ha la qualità delle sue calze, l’odore profumato della sua pelle. Siamo oltre il sesso, siamo nel paradiso della bellezza. I suoi occhi, il suo sorriso, l’arco dei suoi piedi la linea delle sue gambe. Una al di sopra di qualunque altra

  added by  to... for  Dominatrix Marta on 13 February 2024

Fabulous. I want to share my admiration of the session. The new devices just amazed me. Mistress, I am your slave forever xx.

  added by  Sa... for  Zoe Noir on 13 February 2024

She is a goddess,I think about here everyday I want to be her slave everyday

  added by  sl... for  Mistress Mina on 13 February 2024

Mistress Mina is amazing! She maintains a spotless apartment and offers convenient parking. Her stunning appearance goes beyond what her photos capture. With her warmth and charm, I’m definitely looking forward to coming back for more.

  added by  Aa... for  Sultana Queen Aisha 6th - 20th / Dubai / Abu Dhabi / Bahrain on 13 February 2024

I had a great session with Queen Aisha which was like a dream came true for me.
Very clean place, great personality and from the first moment she will let you surrender for her power and beauty.
Amazing session and will do more and more sessions in the near future.

  added by  to... for  Dominatrix Marta on 13 February 2024

Fabulous. I want to share my admiration of the session. The new devices just amazed me. Mistress, I am your slave forever xx. tom

  added by  to... for  Dominatrix Marta on 13 February 2024

Madam thank you for an exceptional session. It is imposible to imagine anything better

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