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  added by  De... for  Strap-on Mistress Dubai 🇷🇺 on 02 September 2022

I had two sessions with Mistress Lily within the 5 days. You get stunned by her beauty Every time you see her. She is a highly skilled mistress who is friendly to chat with. the session, she made an unforgettable experience, she understands your fantasies and lead the plot. Apartment was clean and the location was perfect. Highly recommended

  added by  Al... for  Strap-on Mistress Dubai 🇷🇺 on 07 August 2022

Miss Lily has a sexy body with amazing feet, she is vey skilled and knows how to deal with your fantasies ,you will enjoy every moment with her. highly recommended.

  added by  Sl... for  Strap-on Mistress Dubai 🇷🇺 on 27 July 2022

My Goddess Lily you are a Born Goddess, your beauty is unmatched, i never seen anyone whose even close to your Beauty. You are Truly Devine Goddess. ?

  added by  Fs... for  Mistress Maya Sin on 27 March 2022

Ive met with Mistress Maya last weekend, and as someone trying this for the first time ever i must say it was an experience i’ll never forget!
She is a dominant by nature, those sexy eyes and her voice would make any man fall onto his knees, she realizes how seductive she is and knows exactly how to use that!
Describe what you’re interested in and other things that you are afraid of and just surrender yourself to her, she made me explore sides of me that i never knew that they existed!
I cant stop thinking about her, she made me feel helpless, obsessed, satisfied and also hungry for more at the same time!

  added by  RP... for  Dubai Mistress Arina on 20 March 2022

will be getting her to visit India soon if all works out !!!

  added by  Yo... for  Mistress Lilith Last Witch on 13 March 2022

Mistress was amazing! So naturally dominant and beautiful, it was such an honor to get to serve her perfect feet, can’t wait for my next session!

  added by  AM... for  Mistress Lilith Last Witch on 08 March 2022

Most beautiful mistress i have served.

  added by  Ma... for  The Prop Room on 07 March 2022

Amazing playspace , i had the opportunity to help the owner design this amazing place and believe that is perfect. I can’t wait to return. Madame Caramel

  added by  Jo... for  Dominatrix Marta on 05 February 2022

I am incredibly glad that I finally met Dominatrix Marta. I have quite a bit of experience attending bdsm sessions in Europe, but this Lady blew my mind. She is so good at influencing the submissive buttons in the mind of her slave that this slave rushes to the heights of bliss. Thank you, Misstress Marta, I will try to become your obedient and loyal sub.

  added by  sl... for  Dominatrix Dinah on 24 November 2021

This was my first business trip to Dubai, and I heard that Mistress Dinah was going to be here too.

I’ve been a big fan of hers for years. I’ve watched my share of her videos and I was always impressed with her.

Let me say, first off, that I was blown away! Her photos do not do her justice! She’s absolutely stunning in person.

She’s like a real-life queen. She’s beautiful and regal.

We started off with foot worship, because that’s what’s she’s known for, and I’ve always wanted to taste her feet. Her feet were soft and tasty as I dreamed!

She did rope bondage on me and teased me for a long time. I was so hard I thought I was going to burst!

We ended with something I’ve never done before… pegging. Her experience with pegging made this experience something I’ll never forget!

  added by  Al... for  Dominatrix Marta on 18 November 2021

Mistress Marta! Thank you for coming back to us! You are the best mistress in the world.

  added by  St... for  Dominatrix Marta on 21 September 2021

That’s great! How glad I am that I finally had the honor to attend a session with the famous Mistress Marta. The two-hour session was held at the highest level, it was breathtaking. Brilliant Mistress Marta is very attentive, she has a lot of accessories, outfits, her apartments are magnificent. She is the Queen of Female Domination!

  added by  Mo... for  Dominatrix Marta on 23 June 2021

I spent several unforgettable hours as a dog at the feet of the beautiful lady Domina Marta. I was her favorite dog, eating and drinking from a bowl, wearing a collar, lying on a dog’s mat and did not dare to look above her knees. Unforgettable experience! thank you for everything, my Queen.

  added by  Bo... for  Dominatrix Marta on 09 June 2021

Great thanks to the divine Lady Marta for an unforgettable trampling/ footfetish session! I’m at her feet forever.

  added by  To... for  Dominatrix Marta on 07 June 2021

Mistress Marta is gorgeous. Very attentive and strict at the same time. Everything I expected has happened ! My dreams have come true. Thank you, Mistress Marta

  added by  Al... for  Dominatrix Marta on 04 June 2021

I was very lucky to meet the world famous Mistress Martha in Dubai. Best Dominatrix ever! Amazing!

  added by  p3... for  Mistress Princess Venus on 10 May 2021

I met Princess Venus recently for a session in Dubai and I have enjoyee every minute of it.. The photos don’t do her justice as she looks even more beutiful in real-life.. She’s extremely good in p3gging and do a very good spanking.. overall an awesome experience and highly recommended..

  added by  jo... for  Mistress Maya Sin on 15 April 2021

she is the best

  added by  Sp... for  Madame Estelle on 18 March 2021

She is the best. Her place is good and she has all sizes of dildos. Served her a couple of times and she is really recommended either you are a beginner or expert, you will get fucked 🙂

  added by  Fr... for  Mistress Kawa on 26 December 2020

She is a truly amazing Mistress, she made me rediscover my limits. She is so charming that you can’t say no to her, especially when she wears one of her latex outfits, she looks so stunning that you will want to take everything she has no matter how painful it is.
She knows how to play with your mind, she showed me her strapon so I thought I knew what it was coming, but I never expected what was really coming. Right after finishing with the strapon she used a huge dildo, and after drilling my ass up, she put on a butcher like rubber gloves, and then started to fist me first with both hands as she said her hands are too small.
But she hadn’t finish yet, she took off her boots in front of me, I thought she would make me lick her feet but instead she decided my ass was a great spot to place her feet. Even if she used lube it was painful but I could tell she was really enjoying filling me up like a turkey while I was whining like the little pussy I am.

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