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  added by  Jo... for  Mistress Dubai Matilde Dominatrix on 05 March 2023

Can’t put into words how beautiful and stunning Mistress Matilde is. Strict and dominant mistress can fullfill any pain sluts. So cooperative and understanding on the fetishes mistress executes them only for you wanting more. The best mistress in Dubai and can’t wait to meet mistress again.

  added by  Cr... for  Strap-on Mistress Dubai 🇷🇺 on 04 March 2023

Visited Mistress Lily recently. Gosh, it was so amazing. It’s by far the best pegging and Fisting dom I have ever had. She knew exactly how to penetrate and find the limit. And push over the Limit. The location is very central, easy parking, no security. Apartment is clean and comfortable. It was definately an amazing expierences. For sure I will visit her again.

  added by  Bi... for  Black Widow on 17 January 2023

She is the best no comparisons her attitude the way she talks and move really misstress you should to obey her just if she looks on your eyes

  added by  sl... for  Nilo on 25 December 2022

I had a session with her
She is very vey skilled mistress
Her facesitting is the best
Headscissors is unforgettable
I must see her again
Thanks mistress

  added by  It... for  Dominatrix Katharina - In Dubai till 24th July on 17 December 2022

The first thing that struck me in our first session, apart from Dominatrix Katharina’s natural beauty and powerful aura, is that to my surprise she really treated me like exactlely as I need it! I have had experiences, over the years, with some Pro-Dommes here or there on my business travels, but without really getting the bug for it, but all the previous experiences disappeared as soon as I was in fron of her…  Thanks to her natural empathy  all was so natural…
It was pure magic. She was dressed in a brand-new latex dress and red bottomed high heels.  She ordered me to naked, to kneel and bow my head (immedately she collared me with a short  leash in her hand).
After a long time of teasing, licking her heels, nipples plays (woow). Then later in the session came the strap-on play. I had told her that I had very little experience and that strap-ons hurt me in the past, making it hard for me to enjoy it the way I had fantasised about. But Dominatrix Katharina’s expertise made the whole difference.   
For the first in my life I was really enjoying a strapon session…. I was brought to a whole new level of sexual high. I was loving it. Thank you so much for the best experience I had since a long time

  added by  Sy... for  Nilo on 16 December 2022

I had a session with nilo in dubai yesterday morning. I asked nilo to use her creativity on me in a one sided beatdown (on me) . During the session we talked a bit about everything. She’s so super nice to talk with while she easily switched and trash talked me in between our conversations where she was controlling me and used me as her play thing (so she said) . Her foot choke holds are deadly. My eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Her headscissors where amazing. I had a big smile on my face on the way back… Thanks niloo for an amazing experience

  added by  Ti... for  Dominatrix Katharina - In Dubai till 24th July on 16 December 2022

In my life I have had several ProDomme: in Italy, in Germany, In Belgium….but only after I met her I finally understood the word: Dominatrix. She is a lethal mix of beauty and dominstion skills. In our last session as soon as I entered in the studio, she was waiting me wearing a latex dress, with the chastity cage in one hand and the collar in the other. She spent the following two hours with tease and denial, high heels worship, whipping, strapon….at the end I was begging for another session!! Now I’m her devoted slave, waiting for my next taste of heaven.. Dominatrix Katharina you are my Goddess

  added by  Ti... for  Dominatrix Katharina - In Dubai till 24th July on 16 December 2022

Every time I meet Domina Katharina, I’m more and more addicted to her…..her voice and her long legs can transform me as a total slave…. Top Mistress!!

  added by  Ab... for  EmperatriX on 04 December 2022

I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful human being for the first time in 2015… since then, I’ve become a regular because she’s so addictive! Our bond has grown stronger over time… She is so creative, she never makes anything boring, she is nonjudgmental, she is a great communicator, she is even a good psychologist, she is truly professional, and she has a lot of experience! She can be sensual and soft, but also taff and merciful when necessary!

  added by  SS... for  Miss Sonya on 01 December 2022

I’m so glad that I got the opportunity to serve Miss Sonya. She is stunningly beautiful, even more so than her photos and has an amazing physique, she’s perfect from head to toe. She has all the tools necessary and sessions from a very nice and safe apartment.

From the first time that she touched me I knew that the session was going to be great one, sometimes you can tell right away. The whole experience was a great pleasure from start to finish. Leave yourself in her capable hands and let her work her magic. She mixes pain and pleasure together in a perfect blend that you will enjoy tremendously.

I will definitely be seeing her again on her future visits. Thank you for a wonderful session Miss Sonya.

  added by  SS... for  Black Nymphetamin on 25 November 2022

I had the privilege of having my first session with Black Nymphetamin just under a week ago and it was absolutely fabulous.

The first thing I noticed is how tall she is and she has an amazing figure. She has model good looks and you will be hypnotized by her beauty. Her gothic and glamorous style l is really unique and enchanting.

She sessions out of a nice and clean apartment and she has all the necessary tools and accessories. I could tell that she has vast experience as she knows exactly how to push your buttons being both sensual and sadistic at the same time. If you are into feet then you are in for a treat as she has perfect ones.

I would definitely recommend that you see her as this is her first visit and a golden opportunity. She’s a true professional and a pleasure to serve and worship.

  added by  SS... for  Mistress Maya Sin on 19 November 2022

Wow, where do I begin?

I have seen her many times by now and each time it’s different and never repetitive. She is very creative and can be quite sadistic at times but always with a bit of sensuality thrown in. It goes without saying that she’s drop dead gorgeous and if you can even imagine it, even more beautiful in person. She’s a true professional and a master at her craft.

I highly recommend that take the step to see her when you have a chance, I guarantee that you won’t regret and you will not be able to take your mind off her!

Her hands and feet are truly perfect and made to be worshipped. She sessions from a very clean and fully equipped space with all of the facilities that you may require.

Thanks for all the unforgettable sessions.

  added by  G... for  Mistress Maya Sin on 15 November 2022

I have been visiting Mistresses for over a decade now across the U.K. and USA and I can safely say I have not met one as skilled and beautiful as Mistress Maya Sin.

She is an expert in hypnosis and the psychological side of BDSM as well as having a well equipped studio.

She simply exudes dominance from the moment you are lucky enough to be in her presence.

Combining her intellect, dominance and beauty will leave you under her spell.

i will visit again. I can only recommend.

  added by  St... for  Mistress Maya Sin on 10 November 2022

Have met many mistresses but I would like to recommend Maya sin the best.
She is perfect in her work and she knows what she is doing. She will always make you happy:) Surrender to her and you will come to know all your kinks.
After your visit , you will feel to meet her again and again. Not a single visit of mine got wasted. Highly recommend

  added by  El... for  Dark Fairy on 08 November 2022

I met a lot of mistresses in Germany and the Netherland for the 10 last years…. but since I met mistress Dark Fairy, I just want to serve her again and again and again… she bewitched me with her beauty, he empathy, her irradiating dominance:)

  added by  SS... for  Mistress Sandra on 15 October 2022

Mistress Sandra is stunning and she is a true pleasure to serve. I’ve seen her 3 times and each time was more amazing than the previous one. She is more beautiful than her pics by a lot and her personality is so vivacious and enjoyable.

I highly recommend seeing her when she’s in Dubai and guarantee you that you won’t regret it. Oh and she’s curvy and feminine but very strong, the perfect combination.

  added by  Ch... for  Mistress Sandra on 12 October 2022

Miss Sandra is a phenomenal Mistress – she knows exactly what she’s doing and she enjoys doing it – she is dominant by nature and she is quite lovely and funny – the obvious thing that you can tell from these pictures that Miss Sandra is beautiful and let me tell you these pictures don’t do her justice she is 10 times prettier than the pictures – no matter how much I praise this wonderful lady I won’t do her justice and 5/5 stars is no where near enough as a rating for this amazing Mistress

  added by  Ra... for  Strap-on Mistress Dubai 🇷🇺 on 10 September 2022

I have had my first ever session with a professional domme with Mistress Lilly. She had a very clean and nice apartment. When I first met her she sat down and asked me about my limits. Then the session started and it was one of the best moments in my life. I think I will visit Dubai soon just to meet her again.

  added by  sl... for  Strap-on Mistress Dubai 🇷🇺 on 08 September 2022

Mistress Lily is amazing.

Best strap-on sex ever.

Clean apartment, great luxury location, easy parking.

  added by  Si... for  Strap-on Mistress Dubai 🇷🇺 on 05 September 2022

Miss Lily is the real deal, super clean and super professional.
My first session with her was a postworkout worship and my god did she deliver exactly what I asked for. The session was so good I literally postponed my flight to be able to do another one the next day before I leave Dubai.
As for the second session we discussed my fantasies and limits and she really helped me push them in every way possible. She is very understanding but also very strict, kind but tough, she will respect your limits but also make sure to push you to the edge.
When she said she uses her strapon very well and better than any man she was not lying!!!

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